Disbelief Released!

We are excited to announce Disbelief is the 1st song off the upcoming -2+ Box-Set to be released for worldwide distribution. The Official Video for Disbelief has also been released. You can get Disbelief at most online retailers or you can buy it at the -2+ Store.



Limited Hand-Numbered Collectors CD (LoseYourSelf 1) Now Available

You can now purchase a Limited Edition (1000 made), hand-numbered (by JB himself) CD LoseYourSelf 1. This is 1/2 of the upcoming box-set LoseYourSelf 1 & 2. Only 1000 will ever be made. LoseYourSelf 1 features Kanky Lora on drums and is a collection of heavier, hard hitting songs. When they sell out they are gone!

If you want it NOW order the digital version and DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

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