LoseYourSelf I is now complete and posted for VIP Members of the Fans Only Web Site. In addition, 5 songs of the planned 10 are posted from LoseYourSelf II. It is finally starting to come together. If you are not a VIP Member and want a sneak peak of the songs as they are produced before the release date then click the following link (Join VIP Membership).

Here are the brand new song ( new songs with 1st rough mix are in bold) that were added to the LoseYourSelf I Music section of the Fans Only Web Site:

  1. Every Thing I Have
  2. That's When It Happens
  3. Taken Away
  4. Broken Dreams
  5. What's Done Is Done
  6. In This Life
  7. Wanna Fall In Love
  8. Disbelief
  9. Got What You Need
  10. Little White Lie

Here are the songs that are now officially part of the LoseYourSelf II  Music section of the Fans Only Web Site:

  1. This is where I'll Be
  2. What's Inside of Me
  3. Love Life It's Crazy
  4. Fallin
  5. Waiting for Yesterday

We will be posting the last 5 songs that are part of the LoseYourSelf II album in the near future. VIP Members will hear them as soon as they are ready. VIP Members also receive discounts on CD's, Merchandise,Tickets etc. If you want to be a VIP Member just click here and check out the behind-the-scenes videos of the Making of the LoseYourSelf I & II album that only VIP Members get to see!

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