John Brown and Chris Steberl rocked CJ's Tavern in Lakeview Ohio Saturday night! The dynamic duo from -2+ rocked out using just acoustic guitars. The Acoustic Jam as, it was billed, was a huge success packing the bar to capacity with -2+ fans hungry to hear the new material before it is released to the public. The shows song list included new material from the upcoming Box-Set CD LoseYourSelf I & II and covers ranging from Bob Marley's "One Love" to the hard hitting song "Sober" by Tool. I have to admit Tool done on acoustic guitars sounds like it cannot be done but they pulled it off in a rendition as powerful as the electric version.

 CJ Tavern 1 Hour Before Show

 CJ's Tavern said" It was a great night Thank you all the being there I think a good time was had by all and it was peace love and harmony which I love the most..Jay Bee, W8sted Potential you put on a great show can't wait to have you back on Sept 16!! Thank you one and all means the world to me!!" Watch the Facebook Live video below with the pair doing an acoustic version of Wanna Fall In Love off the new Box-Set CD LoseYourSelf I & II which is available for pre-order in the -2+ Store!




-2+ Acoustic Jam FB Live

John Brown & Chris Steberl from -2+ at CJ's Tavern Lakeview OH on July 22, 2017



JB at CJ's Tavern July 22, 2017

JB at CJ's Tavern July 22, 2017


NEXT SHOW September 16, 2017

CJ's Tavern

Lakeview Ohio

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