The new merchandise is finally here. It took quite a while to find a company who can handle all the colors of Ray Lightning. One company we thought we had, after turning in an order and getting it approved, backed out when the owner seen the Album design of Ray Lightning. So after much searching, because artist integrity is at the top of the list for JB, Richards and Southern is the ticket. We now have Tees, Ladies Tank Tops, BaseBall Tees (2 sleeve colors) and Zip Up Hoodies with the new Pocket -2+ logo for sale in the -2+ Store.

The Up Side for Our Fans is We Can Sell Them

CHEAPER With the New Vendor!!!!


New LoseYourSelf I & II Tee and Tank Top


New LoseYourSelf BaseBall Tees

New -2+ BaseBall Tees


New LoseYourSelf I & II Zip Up Hoodie w -2+ Pocket Logo

New -2+ Zip Up Hoodie w Pocket Logo

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