About -2+: The Beginning

Set to release their debut album Lose Yourself 1 in December, the band “Negative II Positive” was created by John Brown (singer/songwriter/guitar/producer) in the spring of 2016 to bring positive rock music to the world. After years of working on bands that kept falling stagnant, JB decided to turn the negative outcome into an opportunity to seek out new artists to manifest his positive rock vision.

JB was introduced to Kanky Lora (drums), from Soulfly and Straight Line Stitch, to record one song. Around the same time he was introduced to Adam Gilbert (drums), who is currently touring with Starset, to record another song. Wanting to do a full album but liking the different styles of both drummers, John got the crazy idea to do a box set of 10 songs with each drummer. Still needing a bass player to finish the album, Joe Viers (bass/co-producer/engineer) stepped in to do the job. Joe also recommended virtuoso guitarist Chris Steberl (lead guitar) from Project Alcazar, to bring a progressive melodic rock sound to the solos.

With diverse musicians from all backgrounds and influences, the resulting sound appeals to fans of bands like Shinedown, Pappa Roach, Chevelle and Stone Sour. Their catchy modern rock sound and meaningful lyrics have many calling it the next big sound.

Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios, the debut limited release of Lose Yourself 1, featuring 10 songs with Kanky Lora, is due on December 8th. Lose Yourself 2, featuring 10 songs with Adam Gilbert, will be finished recording and due for release in the spring of 2018.